Business Succession


Whether you are a shareholder in a closely held corporation or a partner in a small company, having a business succession plan is vital. Not having a properly developed plan could mean the difference between getting full value for your business or liquidating your company for pennies on the dollar.

Selling or retiring from a business is an intricate process. Special consideration should be given to taxation, retirement, ongoing and future management, employee welfare, and the maintenance of your legacy.

The expert advisors at KBK Wealth Management can:

  • Assist in ensuring that your business is properly valued by analyzing the various appraisal methodologies
  • Evaluate which transfer path is best for your financial objectives (i.e., selling, gifting, or a combination of both)
  • Develop a strategy to gradually wind down your participation and ownership throughout a period of years as opposed to retiring immediately
  • Recommend vehicles for funding buyout or entity-purchase agreements amongst partners or shareholders
  • Create contingency plans in the event of a key owner's untimely death or disability
  • Create a smooth transition plan for you and the new owners; whether they are family members or third-party buyers

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