It Starts With Understanding You

    Understanding our clients is vital to managing their wealth effectively. At KBK, we invest in our relationship with you, so that we might best direct your financial investments. We desire to understand both your current situation and future aspirations. You may just be starting out in your financial journey, or you’ve spent years accumulating wealth and want to protect your assets. Wherever you are in life, we’re there to guide you each step of the way.

    Truly Full Service

    We offer a full range of services at KBK Wealth Management, from investing to income analysis. Below we’ve listed our most commonly used services. We encourage you to reach out to us for any specific financial strategies you are looking to implement. Chances are we can help you.

    Investment Planning

    We develop optimal, tax efficient investment strategies for a balanced diversified portfolio tailored specifically to meet your unique circumstances. Then we manage the expected risk of your investments by frequently monitoring your portfolio.


    Contact us for a complimentary portfolio review.

    Retirement Planning

    Whether you’re in retirement or planning to retire, we can help manage your options most effectively. As your investments, pension, social security, and insurance benefits change over time, we will plan with you a course of action with the goal of maintaining a comfortable retirement and legacy.


    Already in or nearing retirement? Contact us for a retirement portfolio review.

    Tax Management

    We offer a full spectrum of comprehensive tax planning services. We incorporate tax-efficient investing into our wealth management strategies. We develop estate planning, gifting, and trust strategies that can minimize or potentially eliminate the taxes for you and your heirs.


    Contact us to review your situation to determine if you are taking advantage of all current and newly adopted tax laws.

    Estate Planning

    We evaluate your estate, gift, and trust planning as one comprehensive plan.


    As your life changes, new circumstances should be reflected in your overall estate planning and documentation. By working closely with your attorney, we will help facilitate the process and ensure that your needs and expectations are being fulfilled.

    Education Funding

    We help you find the right investment account that can help you save significant sums for higher education. We devise a strategy to help you determine the right mix of investment alternatives. Then we help you understand how to use your plan most effectively.

    Corporate Services

    We can offer diverse retirement and pension plans for your business and consulting service seminars for your employees.


    Contact us to find out more.

    Trustee Services

    We assist trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary duty to the trust, staying compliant, and helping reduce their workload.


    This includes:

    • Custodial and investment management
    • Annual tax preparation and reporting
    • Annual fiduciary review
    • 24-hour account access
    • Cash management
    • Cost-basis retention and recovery

    Divorce Management

    • Review distribution of assets and financial implications
    • Provide investigative services as to undisclosed assets
    • Review your personal income tax situation
    • Create a financial plan to address any new risks and future objectives

    Business Succession

    Selling or retiring from a business is an intricate process. Special consideration should be given to taxation, retirement, ongoing and future management, employee welfare, and the maintenance of your legacy.


    We can help you evaluate and develop the transfer path that best meets your financial objectives.